When agreeing to use products provided by SafetyWorks.vn, customers will have to make payments to SafetyWorks.vn before or after receiving the products. We have 3 types of payment as follows:

1. Online payment:
Customers can choose the form of online payment through the following methods:

  • Payment by domestic card: applicable in case customers want to pay via Internet banking or online payment service.
  • international card: Applicable in case customers choose to pay via international cards such as Visa, Master Card, …

2. 1.  Transfer via bank account:
Customers buy products transfer into account SafetyWorks.vn following:

  •  Vietcombank – Tân Bình Branch
  • Account number: 044 100 3967318
  • Account holder: NGO VAN HAO
3. Payment by cash:

In case the total value of payment is less than VND 20,000,000, customers can choose the form of cash payment directly to the representative of SafetyWorks.vn.

Customers only pay for employees of SafetyWorks.vn when there are sufficient documents: Letter of introduction of the company to receive cash or money order (stamped and clearly state the amount), identity card.

Please note: After making a payment by bank transfer or online payment, you should contact SafetyWorks.vn sales department at contact information to notify that you have made the payment. SafetyWorks.vn will check the bank account and hand over the product to you.