Warranty / maintenance policy for products at Maohiem-pro.com

Warranty conditions + Products are purchased at Maohiem-pro.com
+ Products are still in the warranty period
Warranty for errors

Warranty of technical defects of the manufacturer.

+ Damaged cases will support warranty depending on the fault status of the product for free or for a fee

+ Some cases of product discontinuance, no accessories Maohiem-pro.com will replace accessories that are equivalent to the original accessories

Cases without warranty or chargeable warranty

+ No warranty for other details damaged by abrasion due to use

+ The product is damaged due to misuse. Products caused by accidental, natural disasters: ripped or hooked, burned, exploded, rats bitten, etc…The product has been modified, changed from the original, but not by Maohiem-pro.com done

Warranty process

Step 1: Customers bring the product directly to or call 0909 774 733 or send information via email info@safetyworks.vn to notify and to request product warranty at home (transfer fee) or self-transfer

Step 2: Maohiem-pro.com receives the product and performs the warranty.

Step 3: After the warranty is complete, Maohiem-pro.com contact customers to schedule a time  and place to return the warranty product. Unless the warranty takes place at home, a travel fee will be charged.

Warranty period 7-45 days depending on the product.
If the product is not available at Maohiem-pro.com, it must be imported from abroad, the warranty period will be notified according to each product.